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Friday, 8 August 2014

UPDATE - The PCC came good!

Amendment that appeared
in The Sunday People.
As some of you may recall on the 9th June I posted this open response to a very negative article that appeared on The Daily Mirror website, and in print in The Sunday People.

As well as writing the response I also filed a formal complaint with The Press Complaints Commission. Now in matters like this in the past, we've had a tricky relationship with the PCC, and not always got the results we wanted, however this time they really came through.

After many emails back and forth, the PCC forwarded me an offer from the media company's legal team to print a correction, which I accepted. On  the 6th July 2014, The Sunday People published a correction on page 2, and The Mirror added the same to the bottom of the article on their website.

I have to thank the PCC for all of their help and excellent handling of this matter. It may be a small victory, but hopefully it will, in some small way, discourage these types of articles from appearing in the future.

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