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Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Magical Alphabet: C is for Cleansing

Cleansing is a word you hear a lot in magical groups, but want exactly does it mean?

Well from time to time you may feel a negative energy in a place, or that something isn't quite sitting well with ritual tools, or that your tarot deck feels heavy and clumpy. These are signs that there is cleansing work to be done. If you use magical energy in your life, over time you become a lot more aware of it, and it will soon become apparent that if energy is... well... sticky! A part of the energy you call in for each spell, ritual or reading, will remain. This is why you get such an apparent atmosphere at certain historic site, which is the good side of this. The bad side is that if you use a tool or place a lot, for lots of different types of ritual, the energies can start to get a little confused with one another. Cleansing is the practice of removing the affects of that energy. A lot of people view it as totally removing the energy all together, but I feel leaving it there in a sort of “dormant state” adds a power to the place or object.

There are a lot of different ways to cleanse, and it can involve some very elaborate ritual work, but other methods are very simple.

Bells – The sound of ringing bells is a good way to cleanse and clear any space.

Citrine – This crystal is said to not only clear negative energies, but is also thought to be “self-cleansing”. I keep tumble stones of citrine in the bags where my tarot decks are kept for this reason.

Incense – Burning Sage, Frankincense or Copal (to name but a few) will cleanse a space, objects and tools can also be passed through the smoke.

Moonlight – People often leave objects and tools that need cleansing out in direct light from a full moon.

Salt – Burying objects in salt (natural sea salt) will cleanse them.

Saturday, 3 January 2015

WE DID IT! - "Tarot Professionals" course gets accreditation.

Today we reached a big milestone, not just for Hedge-Witchery, but for professional tarot reading in general. I'm aware this is quite a bold claim, and I'm not usually the "look how awesome I am" type... but in this case there's been a major workload involved and to be honest I'm pretty chuffed with myself for doing it... so there! blows raspberry

Back in September Hedge-Witchery launched a new online “Tarot Professionals” course. Today I was greeted by an email confirming this course has been externally verified and accredited as a professional development course.

Anyone who's been reading this blog for any length of time, or following me on social media will have, at some point witnessed one of my rants about unprofessional practice within the realm of Psychic and Magical service providers. So when I decided to offer this course, it was always at the back of my mind that I had to make myself as accountable as I expect the people taking the course to be, so I decided it had to be externally accredited and verified.

As you can imagine this was no short task, and it was at this point I realized that there possibly weren't any other available accredited courses for a reason. However on we plunged, and luckily we found an accreditation organisation that was as keen to take the industry in this direction as much as I was.

Anyway, after months of work, lots of coffee, lots of begging feedback and favors off friends, and sending the accreditation company's head of assessments a tarot deck so they could join in with some of the lessons on the introductory courses... we have finally arrived at where we wanted to be.

The fact that these types of courses have approval from a mainstream coaching and training body, rather than purely within internally assessed groups and organisations, will give the subject more accountability and professionalism. It will also instill confidence in those seeking out this form and topic of study that the level of instruction they are getting is of a set standard.

This is just the start though, I'm going to enjoy the achievement for a few weeks, but after that, given we're now recognized training providers, we'll look to offer more accredited courses within esoteric studies. Obviously this will be a long term project and each course will take at least a year each to develop,  but our feet have found their way firmly on that path.

The course itself is available to all Full Members of Hedge-Witchery.co (membership cost a maximum of £2.99 per month), and one off registration fee for the course is normally £125, but has been reduced to just £75 until the end of February as a special members offer. The course it based online and can be studied at entirely at the individual learners pace.

The course doesn't just include the study materials and certification, it also includes first years membership to “Hedge Witchery Professionals”, which students will receive upon completion. This will give them £2million public liability cover, membership to a further professional body (T.H.I.N.), and online promotion of their services.

3 Kings Stone Circle

Thursday, 11 December 2014

Happy Whatever!

It's that time of year again! As I type this snow is falling outside, the local robin red-breast is puffing out his feathers and I'm merrily munching cold cuts of ham.

We're anticipating Yule, we have friends coming over (I think I am cooking for 14 at last count) there will be much revelry and traditional Yule customs. However, we are also preparing for Christmas. Our family, like so many others, is a little... erm... extended. There are step parents, half siblings, etc, etc, and as we are all aware this is a time for family to gather... all family. So whilst everyone in our little nuclear unit is Pagan, those outside of it are mostly not.

Now around this time of year there are some fairly sarcastic battle lines drawn, usually between Pagans and Christians about how the christian faith "stole christmas" from Pagans... well no not exactly. I mean yes, they commandeered a fair few traditions, but as any Pagan will tell you: It's all about intent.

So they may be celebrating the birth of Jesus, and we might be celebrating the return of the Sun... but surely if we're doing it at the same time, with very similar customs... doesn't that make life easier?

We're all off work around the same time, we all make that extra effort to see each other around this time, we all think about the year past at the same time, we all embrace the spiritual aspects of our lives at the same time... lets just enjoy that!

Friday, 8 August 2014

UPDATE - The PCC came good!

Amendment that appeared
in The Sunday People.
As some of you may recall on the 9th June I posted this open response to a very negative article that appeared on The Daily Mirror website, and in print in The Sunday People.

As well as writing the response I also filed a formal complaint with The Press Complaints Commission. Now in matters like this in the past, we've had a tricky relationship with the PCC, and not always got the results we wanted, however this time they really came through.

After many emails back and forth, the PCC forwarded me an offer from the media company's legal team to print a correction, which I accepted. On  the 6th July 2014, The Sunday People published a correction on page 2, and The Mirror added the same to the bottom of the article on their website.

I have to thank the PCC for all of their help and excellent handling of this matter. It may be a small victory, but hopefully it will, in some small way, discourage these types of articles from appearing in the future.