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Thursday, 12 May 2016


One day I will be strong again,
but that day is not today.
I will sit in silence loud with worries,
as the hours slip away.
One day I will visit those,
who took my joy away.
I will not forgot,
My memories will not sway.
Though revenge may not be honourable,
one day my heart will call.
It will not forget this pain,
it will need to see them fall.
A list of names has been taken,
it has been watered with my tears.
For now I'm lost in anguish,
more than any soul should bear.
I am broken and I am helpless,
on others I must rely.
Many days and many nights,
doing nothing more than cry.
One day the anger will change,
and it will become resolve.
The pain will heal itself,
thoughts that are puzzles will be solved.
I know that I will grow,
like poppies on waste land.
Your down fall will come,
it will come by my hand.
One day I will be stronger,
and that day is not today.
When I'm stronger than I've ever been,
you'll think it's gone away.
You'll think I'll have forgotten,
or that time has dulled my will.
These scars will never fade,
memories haunt me still.
One day I will be stronger,
stronger than I've ever been before,
When I reach that day,
I will knock upon your door.