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Friday, 17 December 2010

Full Nets

A powerful, successful senior business manager went on holiday to a beautiful island. It was off the tourist trail and had fantastic scenery. One evening he left his wife at the villa they were renting and went down to the beach. As he walked along he met a fisherman, he was pulling a huge haul of fish out of his small boat.

“Wow, that’s a lot of fish… do you always catch so many?”

The fisherman smiles and replies “Yes, everyday I go out in my boat for a couple of hours and return with my nets full”

The business man looks surprised. “2-3 hours, is that all” The fisherman looks puzzled. “I wake up and have a long morning in bed and then having breakfast with my loving wife. Then, I meet my friends, talk, catch-up. Then I come to my boat, spend a few hours catching fish. After I finish I hurry home to spend time with my beautiful children.”

“Yes” says the businessman, “but if you made the time for 2 trips on the boat everyday, you would double your earnings”

“Then what?” asks the fisherman

“Well then you could save for a few months and invest the money in a second boat. Even after you pay someone else to fish on it, you would see a big profit.” reply’s the businessman.

“Then what?” asks the fisherman.

“Well if you work hard, bring in management staff as well, you could reinvest the increased profits and in 10 years you could have a whole fleet of boats and dozens of staff.” said the businessman.

“And then what?” asks the fisherman.

“Then you make the company as commercial as possible. Build up a good industry reputation, sell the company, and retire a rich man.” said the businessman, smiling at his own advice.

“And then what?” asked the fisherman.

The businessman thought for a few moments before answering “Well then you could wake up and have a long morning in bed and then having breakfast with your loving wife. Then, meet your friends, talk, catch-up. Spend a few hours fishing. Then, spend time with your beautiful children and grandchildren.”

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