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Tuesday, 10 March 2015

What is Meditative Reiki?

As some of you reading this will know I offer Meditative Reiki, and a lot of people have started asking me what this is, as they've never heard of it before. Well that's because I made it up!
Not in a "lets think of a fancy name I can give something" kinda way, but it's a treatment I devised, and "Meditative Reiki" was the most common sense name for it.

For year before I started my work with Reiki, I had worked with guided meditations for ritual purposes, journeying work and as a stand alone way of focusing my energy and altering my perceptions. It struck me a couple of years ago that having clients listen to guided meditations through out their reiki treatment could be hugely beneficial... so I tried it. Happily, I found it worked very well.

So after a couple of years of creating meditations specifically for the purpose of this treatment I have found that it boosts the effectiveness of reiki in a number of cases. I believe this is because it involves the client in their own treatment more. Whilst they are receiving reiki, they are able to use the meditation to consciously direct that energy, and utilize it in a way they will find most beneficial.

I am currently developing more reiki meditations to offer people and would be interested in hearing peoples suggestions.

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