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Thursday, 11 December 2014

Happy Whatever!

It's that time of year again! As I type this snow is falling outside, the local robin red-breast is puffing out his feathers and I'm merrily munching cold cuts of ham.

We're anticipating Yule, we have friends coming over (I think I am cooking for 14 at last count) there will be much revelry and traditional Yule customs. However, we are also preparing for Christmas. Our family, like so many others, is a little... erm... extended. There are step parents, half siblings, etc, etc, and as we are all aware this is a time for family to gather... all family. So whilst everyone in our little nuclear unit is Pagan, those outside of it are mostly not.

Now around this time of year there are some fairly sarcastic battle lines drawn, usually between Pagans and Christians about how the christian faith "stole christmas" from Pagans... well no not exactly. I mean yes, they commandeered a fair few traditions, but as any Pagan will tell you: It's all about intent.

So they may be celebrating the birth of Jesus, and we might be celebrating the return of the Sun... but surely if we're doing it at the same time, with very similar customs... doesn't that make life easier?

We're all off work around the same time, we all make that extra effort to see each other around this time, we all think about the year past at the same time, we all embrace the spiritual aspects of our lives at the same time... lets just enjoy that!

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