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Wednesday, 23 October 2013

A long overdue update

It seems like forever since I've managed to post an update. It has been a very busy summer. With Wyld Fire I've been running around the country dressed as a viking... and honing my craft skills. I've gotten more involved with Gordon's side of "Hedge-Witchery & Wyld Fire", and I've started doing more and more work with the traditional horn products and making some jewelry that ties in with what Gordon is trying to achieve with Wyld Fire. We certainly seem to be heading in the right direction and have recently received notification that we have been nominated for a Countryside Alliance Award. It's lovely to see the feedback we are getting, and great that people seem to really appreciate the lengths we go to with the traditional manufacturing processes and materials.

I've been pretty busy with my own side of the business too. My second book "Quick & Easy Tarot" has recently been released and is receiving some very nice reviews. One of the major things I've been working on is establishing Hedge-Witchery as a membership site. The new site, www.hedge-witchery.co, offers both a free membership area and a full membership area, that costs from £4.99. All of the articles and information that was free still is, so don't worry about that disappearing. What it does mean is that the Full Membership area offers online courses, books and meditations for people to use whenever they like. I'm still spending a lot of hours building content in there, and am currently editing the videos for the online "Introduction to Magic Ritual" course. There is already a "Tarot Part 1: The Major Arcana" course, and a "Introduction to Journeying" course on there, as well as ebook versions of "Witchery" and "Quick & Easy Tarot", and several guided meditations, the most recent of which is exclusively available to members.

Between all this I've been writing my third book "The Modern Haegtes" which will be released next year.

We have been doing a lot of events recently, which is fantastic, as it gives me a chance to hang out with like-minded people and have fun as well as working. We have been excitedly looking forward to "Meet the Other Folk", the Samhain event we host at Bede's World, there are still tickets available and it looks set to be a fantastic night.    

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