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Thursday, 7 June 2012


Run, child, run.
Run at the world, without restraint.
Run into life.
Grab it up.
Be greedy for it.
There is no limit on it, it will not run out.
Hold it close.
Dance in it.
Twirl and swirl as you marvel at it.

One day you'll stop to catch your breath.
Look back in wonder at the dance you led.
See someone’s swirled into your path, and start to dance with them.

Run together,
Hold each other,
Help each other snatch up joy.
Take on the world together,
Take all you can,
Share it all,
Share everyday,
Fall even more in love,
A little more each day.

One day you'll stop to lie and rest.
Look back upon the life you've led.
And be thankful that you never stopped running, hand in hand.

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