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Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Head-F*ck Love

I'm a busy, busy woman,
With lots & lots to do,
So how is it I spend all day doing naught but think of you?

I'm a very busy woman,
I have lots of things to do,
But my ever working mind is halted, reminiscing about you.

You're not ever here right now,
It really is absurd,
My industrious little conscience is going totally unheard.

I try to be so logical,
I really, really do,
But every time I turn around there’s some reminder there of you.

I'm a clever, clever woman,
And of one fact I am sure,
This just isn't normal I should surely seek a cure.

I'm a busy, busy woman,
With lots of  things to do,
But all I want, from everyday, is to have spent it all with you.

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