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Monday, 20 February 2012

Book Review: The Book of Mirrors, by Luthaneal Adams

Ok, I don't normally do book reviews for people I know. This is because I take books very seriously and I would never give a bad book a good review. I'm also a very loyal friend and would never want to do anything that would not be 100% supportive. As you can see how these two things might conflict with each other, I decided "I will not review friend's books" was a good general rule to live by. 
However, when one of your closest friends, who you love dearly plays an absolute blinder and writes an absolute frickin' "must read" as their debut book, you kind of feel the need to shout about it... So on with the review...

The Book of Mirrors’ is quite a unique book… actually it’s a very unique book, the likes of which I've never read before. The market for Wiccan books is huge, as is the shear number of titles out there, so for Luthaneal Adams to pull out this absolute gem as his debut is astounding.

The book blurb gives potential readers an insight into what sets this book apart from the rest of it’s genre:

“The aim of this book is to help people who find themselves training with a witch coven or just considering it. The author concentrates on his experiences, rather than trying to pad out those experiences with a lot of general information on Wicca. There are already enough books on the market that provide the basics of Wiccan belief. This book opens a window into the process of training with a coven, both for the prospective trainees and for all those covens out there who may benefit from seeing things from the other side.”

My main concern when reading the above text on the back cover of a book would be that I was about to invest in reading page after page of dramatic emotional self exploration, which although interesting would offer little in the way of practical advice to anyone. However nothing could be further from the truth.

What ‘The Book of Mirrors’ actually does is present the road to initiation in a very honest, relatable way. This book is not preachy on any level, in fact it devotes as much time to the doubts, reservations and disappointments of the author, as it does the rewards and spiritual benefits.

In the interests of giving a balanced review I always try and give some criticism of books, but in this case the only one I can honestly give is that it occasionally makes the reader feel slightly guilty. The type of guilt you feel when encroaching on someone’s privacy, looking at them a little too intensely, or reading their diary. In reality, this is something that the author should receive absolute praise for.

‘The Book of Mirrors’ is written entirely without ego, it is honest and it wholly endears the reader to the author.

I honestly can't see a way in which 'The Book of Mirrors', won't become essential reading for every would-be initiate and coven leader. If you are interested in Wicca, read this book. If you are part of a coven, read this book. If you have Wiccan friends/family, read this book.

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