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Saturday, 10 September 2011

Poem: Finding Love

When I found you, I had already stopped looking for you,
I was looking for something close to you,
An almost you, a substitute you,
I had already decided that you did not exist,

We stumbled across each other in the mine field that is modern communications,
neither of us sure what we had found,
But both interested enough to want to find out,
I remember my first thought when I first actually saw you... "It's him!"

That mythical person who I had dreamt of, but I feared had eluded incarnation in the physical.
I'm not sure how I knew... But I did.
something about how you looked at me, convinced me you were actually seeing 'me'...
not my clothes or my journey fried hair or my day worn make-up, but me.

When you listened to me you really heard me,
More than that you really wanted to hear me,
Savouring my words as fleeting gifts,
As the conversation made the night pass too quick.

I couldn't believe the amount of small inconsequential things we shared,
Things too unique to be coincidence, that added to all the little voices in my head still whispering in awe... "Its him!"
OK, I'm sure lots of people love 'The Breakfast Club',
But how many of them also gave up reading 'Lord of the Rings' because they found it too boring and way too long winded?

I thought I had nothing to give you, but you found things to take anyway,
And then you showed them back to me as treasures,
And I know you see yourself as flawed, but your dents and scrapes fit perfectly round my own rough edges,
So to my imperfect eye you are flawless.

And then grew the fear, I knew if you chose to love me, your love could never hurt me.
But if I chose to love you, my love on the other hand, giving that away could kill me.
It almost had in the past, and I'm pretty sure it could in the future.
But... there were those voices... "It's him!"

And, now time has passed,
And though circumstance has endeavoured to keep us apart,
You want to know what tells me that it won't succeed forever?
That little voice, the one that in amazement whispered "It's him".

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