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Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Loves Escape

Two separate prisons,
both existing in one place,

It became a happy incarceration,
We let falling in love pass the days,

What we had been calling circumstance,
We switched to calling fate,

Neither really sure how we existed,
Without the others embrace,

I was there when your walls crumbled,
But my own cage still remained,

So much elation on your face,
I rejoiced with you all the same,

As your light shone brighter,
For me you became harder to see,

Like a beacon growing stronger,
As you’re swept away to sea,

You swear that you’re not leaving me,
That it won’t be long before your return,

That when the sun dawns that day,
You will take me as your own,

I know you would never lie to me,
I believe your intentions to be true,

But I see how you love that freedom,
Through the bars I watch you through,

Don’t think that I resent you,
That I would rather take your place,

Having to leave your liberty,
To retrieve me from this cage,

And if you can’t make it back for me,
I can’t say you won’t face blame,

My heart would be too shattered,
To ever plan an escape again.

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