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Saturday, 26 March 2011


I look at you fallen, your palace laid to waste.
But what did you expect? You built it with such haste.

Did you think it would last forever? That your luck would never run dry?
Did you realise when it did, it wouldn't be your tears that were cried?

Did you stop to consider those who'd stood firmly by your side?
Did you fail to notice them, as you pushed them aside?

You look for those that love you, and wonder where they are.
People can't be there for you, if you tear them apart.

You were so busy running everywhere, being everyone’s "best friend".
But where were you for those who needed you, those you had sworn to defend?

This place was once so happy, full of laughter, love and song.
Now an empty pile of memories, with you wondering what went wrong.

The meek that you once courted, that you could manipulate, have grown.
Your neglect has made them stronger, they have struck out on their own.

The rich man is he who sees value in everything he has,
Never takes things for granted, assuming it all will last.

The poor man neglects his trinkets, as he is always seeking more,
Not taking time to see the treasures, but what comes easy is often flawed.

Those flaws become more obvious, as the days wear on.
You have to start from scratch again, always moving on.

Maybe it will be these ruins that finally speak to you.
Make you change your ways, your intentions true.

Or could this be your last battle, maybe you have no more fight,
Maybe you'll slip from this world, as day turns into night.

But I will not judge too harshly, when I remember how you did me wrong,
For I was the meek you, inadvertently, turned so strong.

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