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Thursday, 8 July 2010

"Doesn't it annoy you when..."

Hello... and sorry for the massive gap between posts, but things have gotten a little hectic of late!

First we had the new website to go with the HWB Blog, then the first issue of Incantation... and then rushed to hospital with suspected meningitis (it wasn't I'm fine, but fyi, lumbar punch tests are about as much fun as they sound!)

Anyway all that over with, spent last weekend having great time at PF Myddle Earth Camp (all the juicey deets on that to come in future post), though on my arrival home decided it was time to tackle the email mountain.

Now, I'm not saying I'm popular... but I get A LOT of emails. And don't get me wrong here, I love getting email's from people, infact I encourage them, and have all my social network info on the site. But, there is one type of email that really just annoys me. And, I'm sure anyone involved in the online pagan community will have had similar one's. They're the "Doesn't it annoy you when..." one's. The "Arn't you sick of..." one's. The "I can't stand those..." one's.

Well to save anyone sending future emails here's my answers in advance:

Q: Does it annoy me when old pagans/young pagans/initiate paths/any other one targeted group/individual act like they know 'it all'?
A: Not really... certainly not enough to spend time and energy bulk emailing my entire contacts list about it, besides these people are usually in the minority of any given group.

Q: Can they really expect to be taken seriously when they believe/do/act like that?
A: Yes... well much more than you can expect to be taken seriously whilst trying to dictate to others what they can and can't do or believe!

Q: Don't you think we should try and stop this group/event/person?
A: No... unless they're doing something illegal! If you don't like what they're doing or saying stop spending so much bloody time listening to/reading/watching it.

Now do I personally read things and think "you're talking bollocks!"? YES! Do I fully appreciate that a lot of people will look at the things I think and say "you're talking bollocks!"? YES! Do I sometimes - (and I'm not proud of this) - quiet like a bit of a bitching session with a friend or two over some wine? Yeah ok, a bit!

It's rediculous to think that I would agree with everyone eles's belifes and ideas all of the time... And to think that I would never ever find some of them a little annoying... But I will always defend their right to believe them... and express their belifes and ideas in any - (legal ;D) - way they see fit!

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