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Thursday, 8 April 2010

Virtual Book Tour

Ok I'm going on tour... well a Virtual Book Tour! Here's where I'll be and when...

April 11- Guest Blogging at Authors Promoting Authors http://authorspromotingauthors.blogspot.com/
April 13 - Author Interviewed at Paranormal Romance with Margaret West
April 17 - Author Interviewed at Paula Zone> http://www.paulazone.blogdrive.com/
April 20 -- Author Interviewed by Fiona Ingram http://fionaingramauthor.blogspot.com/
April 22 - Patti Hultstrand http://azpublishingservices.blogspot.com
April 25 - Author Interviewed at BK Walker Books Etc http://bkwalkerbooksetc.blogspot.com/
April 24 - Author Interviewed at My Immortal Stories http://myimmortalstories.blogspot.com/
May 8 - Guest Blogging at Watery Tart 23 http://waterytart23.blogspot.com/
May 10 - Author Interviewed By Lisa http://lisahaseltonsreviewsandinterviews.blogspot.com/
May 10 - to your schedule with Susan Hanniford Crowley
May 13 - Author Interviewed at Conscious Discussions http://consciousdiscussions.blogspot.com/
May 28 - with Lisa Jackson
June 15 - Author Interviewed by Cate Masters http://catemasters.blogspot.com/
June 30 - Guest Blogging with Lauren http://harveyle.blogspot.com/

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